Artist Alain-Celest de Buck

American Flag (2008)

American Flag (2008)


Alain-Celest de Buck (1975) is born in an artistic family. His father, an electrotechnic engeneer from TUDelft, fully started working as artist, painting family portraits. His mother, a singer and actress unfortunately couldn't build her career as professional; having 4 children and being the guide for family and father.

At a young age Alain-Celest started drawing, building and designing houses; facaded, floorplan, sections. At the age of 15, he produced his first drawings in commission. The often romantic houses in the neighbourhood and surroundings asked for a romantic style. Later, studying architecture (TUDelft), he discovered new ways to paint.
Organizing international workshops and excursions to Barcelona architect Beth Galí and Mechthild Stuhlmacher introduced him into the house of the painter Antoni Tapies. He got inspired by the abstract works and 'dedicated' his final essay as part of his final project (thesis) in 2004.

In the years after, working in Antwerp at the firm of Jo Crepain, he started painting. Abstract expressions of emotions, thoughts and researching life. When back in Amsterdam, Alain-Celest followed more art-lectures at the VU of Amsterdam. Always looking for his love; abstract art. One of the results is 'the American Flag' (2008). A political prediction of the changing world after 9/11.

American Flag
The two yellow crosses symbolize the attack of the air planes while the true threat comes out of the flag. The red stripes are pushed to the background as being the threatening of distance fires, visible through the white lines. The colours of white, blue and red get confusingly mixed up in the search of truth and reason. A desperate hope for peace and honesty.

Soon after this painting the world was hit by the big crisis.

In the painting a part of a song written and composed by Alain-Celest, is written:

'When time will no longer be the same
Memories are stronger than the way they came
When question raise if the flowers will grow in time
To show you the beauty of the world'
Alain-Celest de Buck